Receiving Strength

08 Jun

Good morning Caleb,  I am starting to see a pattern here.  Every time that I set down to write a letter to you, it is in the early morning hours.  I wonder if any of it has to do with the fact that I really enjoyed spending mornings with you.  Anyhow bubby and sissy started bible school this week.  So there is a big gap in the evening when there are no kids here.  I tell you what, it is something I am definitely not used to.  Your mother and I finally get a break from you kids.  Yet it seems so empty.  It is situations like this that make me realize how awesome it is to have you kids.  I would not trade a single one you for anything in this world.  I will not even sell you.  Ever since you took your walk with Jesus we are all working really hard down here to make sure that we are right in God’s eyes so that we can all be together someday again.  Oh what a day that will be.  We will go run,  play and everything else.  Bubby it has only been a month since you left and it already seems like an eternity. I wake up every day with an emptiness inside.  Under any normal circumstance I would be able to find something to fill that void.  I just cannot seem to shake this one.  It follows me all day long.  I remember when you first died, I felt you and seen you everywhere.  I don’t feel that quite as much anymore.  I know that you are out there somewhere though, you are watching over all of us.  I miss you bubby.  One day daddy will be with you again.  Will you please give me a sign that you are doing okay.  I need that.  One day when the hole in my heart gets smaller, I believe that things will get better.  But for right now that hole is really big and it is going to take some mending to close it back up.  What a tough journey this is going to be.  God will you please give my family and I the strength that we need to move through this pain.  Keep that mean ole devil away from us.  He will try anything he can to make us fall.  But I know that you will be right there to pick us back up.  I love you Caleb, I love you Jesus, I have never recieved so much strength in my life from anyone.  I could not imagine the world without you.  Well I must get ready for work now.  I will talk to you later bubby. 

I love you like a fat kid loves cake, 



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9 responses to “Receiving Strength

  1. sara miskell

    June 9, 2011 at 11:41 pm

    son it hurts knowing how u feel i know u are a man now but it does not stop me from worring about u. but just think this way god is with and he will help u in anyway he can i have faith. i love u so much i wouldnt know what to do if god took u. but im not gonna think that way.god knows what kind if u are he is not ready fopr u yet. i love u very much jeffrey if u need to talk im here. just open that door and let me the time of life we need each other. good nite son.

    • jmisk70

      June 10, 2011 at 4:25 pm

      Mom we are taking it one day at a time. We are a very strong family and we will be alright.

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