An Ice Cream Date

14 Jun

Hey there Caleb,   How is my little Angel doing today?  Today has been a really good day, however I need to talk to you about sissy.  She misses you a whole bunch.  In fact at least once a day I have to give her a hug to let her know that everything is going to be okay.  Could you and God get together to let her know that you are alright.  That would be totally awesome.  Your brother said that he misses you as well.  If he is hurting inside in any way would you please help him as well.  Or maybe you could just give me the right words to tell them when they ask questions.  Daddy would really, really appreciate that.

I read a book to your brother and sister last night that was about children angels.  Their sole responsibility in Heaven is to take care of all the animals.  Little Jacob is the main character.  He is new  to heaven just like you.  He learns of his great responsibility and cannot wait until he finally can have a pet of his own to take care of.  I gave it a little twist.  While I was telling the story, little Jacob became little Caleb.  Your brother and sister thought that was pretty neat.  In fact there was a couple of times when I forgot to substitute your name.  I was quickly reminded that I needed to use your name.  I just want you to know son that you are very alive in this house.  I have a question for you though.  Do you like the name Isaiah?  Well it is time to go and get some ice cream.  I wish you could be here to go get some with us, but I bet the ice cream in heaven tastes better.  I like to have some with you some day.  

I love you like a fat kid loves cake, 



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