Thinking of You

25 Jun

Good morning Caleb, there is my special angel.  It is finally the weekend!  I have been waiting for this moment all week-long.  I tell you, the first week back to work after vacation is always the toughest.  Maybe things will be better next week.  I really had a rough time mustering up the energy to go to work all week, but you know the bills never stop coming so I had no choice.  It is the weekend now, so it is time for some rest and relaxation.  Sissy is at her father’s house and mommy is at work this morning.  Who does that leave?  Yes , you are right.  You, your brother and I.  Just the boys.  I am thinking that we will go to the swimming pool today.  Who knows maybe we will even go to the lake.  That sounds fun.  I think that we will do that instead.  I will have to see what your brother thinks about that idea.  Hopefully once I mention the water slide he will change his mind easily.  I know that if you were with us in person you would most definitely have a good time, but it would also slow our roll.  I would have to keep you close to me and we certainly would not be able to go down the water slide.  I can see you right now…running through the sand…playing in the water up by the beach.  You would be a little scared if I took you out to the deeper end where you could not touch.  You would have your floaties on, I would let you float around on your own.  You would not like that at first, but once you calmed down and realized that I was right there with you, you would love it.  I would have to keep your brother away because he would want to push you around like a toy.  I know that you would not like that.  I have a question.  Why we are at the lake will you please watch over your brother and protect him?  Daddy would greatly appreciate it.

I know that I have told you a thousand times son and I will tell you a thousand more.  I LOVE YOU!  Thank you for being my little angel.  Thank you for watching over us.  I need your help somewhere else as well.  If you see mommy, your brother or your sister down will you just give them an extra boost. Just show them that you are alright.  You could even use me.  Shine through me so that they may see that you are doing just fine in heaven.  Well I guess that I am going to close this letter for the day.  I hope that you have a really good day in heaven today.  Better than yesterday.  I know that I am going to have a good day.  We all love you so very much Caleb.  You will never, ever be forgotten.  I will make sure of it.

I love you like a fat kid loves cake, 


To all of my readers.  I just want to wish you a happy day today.  As always thank you for taking the time to stop by here and reading my blog.  I hope somehow that it has touched you to read about my little Caleb.  Spread the word.  I could always use some more readers.  See you all soon…Jeffrey


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