Family Outing

29 Jun

Good morning Caleb,  well it is the start of yet another day.  Wednesday to be exact, and a very busy one at that.  Today your mother and I are going to go apply for our marriage license.  God has called on me to marry mommy, so that is what I intend to do.  I will love and care for her for the rest of my natural-born life.  Shortly after that we will go pick up your brother and sister from daycare.  Then we will be off to Holiday World for the day.  So you see we have a pretty busy day ahead of us.  It will be fun though.  I remember a few years back when we took you and your sister to Holiday World, you had a blast.  If I remember right though, I think that we ended up being rained out later in the evening that day.  I also remember you and I standing beside Holidog to get our picture taken.  I wanted him to hold you while I took a picture, but he wouldn’t.  It must have been some rule that he had to follow as an employee of Holiday World.  Oh well we still got the picture.  What a good day we had that day.  Mommy, your sister and brother told me to tell you that they love you so very much.  We all miss you being around here and we cannot wait until the day that we can finally be together again.  As a Family.  Well I am going to cut this one short because it is almost time to head out the door to start the day.  

I love you like a fat kid loves cake,


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