Another Day in Time

09 Jul


Good morning Caleb, 

I had a really good sleep last night.  I felt at peace for the first time in a while.  Mommy and I went out on a date.  We had a good time, we really needed it.  After all, we spend 99.9% of our time with you kiddos, so I like to think  that we deserved it.  We ended up going to a book store where mommy and I bought a couple of books.  One on how to play the drums, the other was a Chicken Soup book on dealing with grief.  Grandma watched bubby while we were away and sissy went to Rodger’s house for the weekend.  It was really nice to spend time with mommy alone.  I love her so much.

It has been two months now since you took your walk with God.  It seems like it has been way longer than that.  I really do not know why.  If I could just fast forward time to the end of life so that I could be with you again.  In reality I do not wish that though.  I need to stay here on Earth for a little while and do what it is I have to do.  I will tell you one thing though son.  I will spend the rest of my natural-born life living for you and God.  There will never be a day that I do not think of you.  It will go on till the day I die.  I pray to God that through this blog I reach lots and lots of people, so they to can see how awesome you are.  I have a request.  Grandma and Grandpa are having a really tough time dealing with your loss.  Will you help to strengthen them, you know just let them know that you are ok.  God will you please grant my parents serenity.  Give them strength.  In Jesus name, Amen.

Well son, daddy needs to get ready for the day.  Bubby will be up really soon and he is going to demand 100% of my attention.  I want to give that to him.  I hope that you have an awesome day in heaven today.  Heck, who am I kidding.  You are having the time of your life.  I miss you son.  I can feel you in my soul each and every day.  Continue to live through me so that people can see.

I love you like a fat kid loves cake,


To my readers


Thank you so very much for stopping by here.  I hope and pray for each of your children to have awesome lives.  Protect them, because they can and will get away from you in a moments notice.  Then your life will be changed forever.  Trust me, this is a club that YOU! do not want to be apart of.  God bless each one of you and I love you…..Jeffrey

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