Little Drummer Boy

11 Jul

Good morning Caleb,

Did you have a good rest last night, or were you to busy flying around?  Actually, that is a pretty good question.  Do angels sleep?  I would assume not, but I could be wrong.  Well here we go with another week.  I already cannot wait until Friday.  Work really sucks.  I have been at the same job for so long now, I am ready for a change.  I was looking into some college courses last night.  They are fairly priced.  That might be a route that I take.  Enough about me though.

I was looking through some pictures yesterday and I found a really cool one of you.  You had sticks in hand, and you were ready to go to town.  My little guitar hero.  You loved to play that game.  Although I was really picky about letting you play with them because of how hard you beat on them.  I was afraid that you were going to tear them up.  I did manage to get this really good picture of you though.  If you look in the picture you can see the little drum that you would go and get when it was time to play.

We bought you a little drum set one time and you managed to beat that thing to pieces.  You were my little drummer boy.  I think as time went on I would a bought you a bigger badder drum set, so that you could practice even more.  It is no doubt in my mind that you would have become a big time drummer.  Since you cannot do that anymore, daddy is going to do it for you.  As you know I play the drums in the church band.  I just recently went out and bought my very own kit.  Next month I am going to go out and get some drum lessons.  Let us go and do this together, why hell you can even set on my lap if you like.  I wanna play for a Christian band though.  If it is not for God, I don’t want nothing to do with it.  

Well son I am going to go and get ready for work now.  I will talk to you later on okay.  I will be thinking of you, a lot.

I love you like a fat kid loves cake,


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Posted by on July 11, 2011 in Letters to Caleb


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