A Day of Unity

13 Jul

Good morning Caleb,

Alright after a short and sweet letter yesterday, I think that the writer’s block has cleared.  The day is getting rather close.  Soon mommy and I will be married.  We will be ONE before God.  I pray that he helps us to have many great years together.  I really, really, love mommy.  I could not imagine my world without her.  The wedding is going to be real short and simple.  Call it low-budget.  Next year we will have the bigger celebration.  Afterword we are going to have a small reception in the fellowship hall.  It will be a good day.

One thing that I cannot help but to think about though.  Where would have you played a role in this if you were around?  Probably would have been trying to keep you quiet and still.  But we would have dressed you up so handsomely.  I really do not trouble myself with thinking about that kind of stuff though bubby.  You are with me every single day and I know that you are going to be at the wedding as well.  I believe that you are in heaven right now smiling down on us.  I know that you are happy for your mother and I.

Your brother and sister are all excited.  Sissy gets to be the flower girl.  She has a really pretty white dress that she will wear.  She is going to be so pretty.  Bubby is going to be the ring bearer.  He is going to be dressed up all slick in his little suit.  Mommy designed the flower basket and pillow, she did a very good job.  This is going to be a new chapter for our family and I believe that the lord will direct us in the right direction from here.  Well I am going to go ahead and end this letter because I need to get ready for work.  I miss you bubby.  I will see you in heaven one day.

I love you like a fat kid loves cake,


p.s.-  did you enjoy that ice cream last night?

To my readers

I pray that each and every single one of you have all of the strength that you need to make it through another day.  Like always thank you for stopping by here.  On behalf of my family, we love you….Jeffrey

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