Don’t Be Shy

20 Jul

Good morning Caleb, 


We are finally in the middle of the week.  This means that it will not be very long until it is time to go home for the weekend.  Yay!  Yesterday we went on a bike ride and it took us out to your final resting place.  It is starting to grow a nice layer of grass over the top of it.  It is good to finally see that.  There is some thing funny about it though.  Most of the dirt is sunk down, except for the spot that mommy and sissy made a heart out of seashells.  It refuses sink down.  Do you have anything to do with this?  Are you out there playing in the dirt?  If so thank you for not playing with the seashells.  They will be covered by grass soon though.  


We were talking about you last night on the way home.  Mommy said to you, “come on bubby, pick a bicycle and get on.”  Sissy then replied, “hey daddy bubby is on your bicycle.”  “He is,” I replied.  “He said that he wants to fly,”
chimed mommy.  We came to the conclusion that you had beaten us home.  So we finished up our bike ride and that pretty much called it an evening.  We know that you are here with us bubby.  So you just go ahead and show yourself as much as you like.  By the way, when I was down stairs in the basement practicing my drums.  I seen you peek around the corner.  Don’t be afraid next time.  You are more than welcome to come in there with me.  Heck you can even set on my lap and beat the drums if you like.  Anyhow thank you for showing yourself to me.  I love it when you do that.  Those are the things that make it awesome to have my very own angel.


I am going to have to close this letter soon because I have to pick up one of my coworkers.  Which means that I must leave a little early so that I have time to get to him.  But before I do go I just want to tell you that you are awesome.  Your death has given our family so much strength.  You will live on forever through us son.  Have an awesome day in Heaven today.  You better behave yourself.


I love you like a fat kid loves cake, 



To my readers


Like always, Thank you for taking the time to come here and read these letters.  I really hope that you found your peace here.  If not I would like to refer you to an earlier post.  Now you go out there and have an awesome day.  Oh yeah, make sure that you drink plenty of water.  It is going to be a hot one.  I know for a fact that the heat index will be over 100 degrees.  So be safe please…Jeffrey




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