A Fair Trade

28 Jul

Good morning Caleb, 


Yes I know, I have not been very good at getting a letter to you every day.  These past couple of days have been rough on me son.  There is some positive news though.  I believe that after talking to God, he has healed me.  One thing good has come out my pain.  We have managed to really touch a person’s heart through these letters.  My sadness equaled her happiness.  That sounds like a fair trade to me, after all that is the main reason that I am writing these letters to you.  I will continue to write these letters to you bubby.  You are very alive in my life.  I know that you are setting right here beside me while I am writing.


I have some very wonderful news.  There is a lady that takes the clothing of our passed loved ones and makes memory bears out of them.  She liked a post on my site a few days ago.  So I followed her link to see where it led me.  I thought to myself, “that would be great to offer to my readers.”  I contacted her yesterday and she agreed to author a page for my blog.  I am so thankful for this.  It is just another way that the Lord is working to help me make the very most out of these letters and this site.  I believe that in the future bubby this site is going to be the place to go when anyone has a souls that is hurting.  That is my dream.  With the love of Jesus I will accomplish this.


Well it is that time again.  Work.  So I must go and get ready now.  I will most definitely be thinking of you today.  Have an awesome day in Heaven today, or if you wish feel free to come hang out with me today.  I will not mind at all.


I love you like a fat kid loves cake, 



To my readers


Today is the first day of the rest of your life.  So go out there and make the best of it that you can.  As always, thank you for taking the time to stop by here and reading about my little Caleb.  It really is awesome to have a little angel.  I thank God for him each and every day.  On behalf of Caleb and my family, I love each and every one of you…Jeffrey

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