Warm Night Air

09 Aug

Good morning Caleb, 

     Last night was pretty restless as we had to take mommy to the doctor in the middle of the night.  The Lord took her pain away from her though as she is doing much better now.  One thing that I remember the most is watching sissy trying to get comfortable in that tiny little chair.  She wound up lying in the bed with mommy until it was time for the doctor to come in and have look at her.  A couple of hours had passed, finally it was time to go home.  As we were walking out the door, I was holding sissy because she did not have any shoes on.  As the automatic doors swung open to the warm humid air of the night, I thought of you.  All I could think of was that day that you were at the very same hospital and how I wished that I could have walked out holding you that night.  I just know that I was glad to be going home so I could go back to sleep.

     Once we got back home sissy decided she wanted to sleep in bubby’s bed.  It felt really good to climb into that big cozy bed and stretch my legs out.  I snuggled up close to mommy and we were fast asleep.  I know that I had a dream, I just cannot remember the details of it.  I woke this morning feeling very groggy.  I just want to go and crawl back into bed and go to sleep, but I cannot do that as there is a world that I have help revolve.  Speaking of which it is just about time to go and do that.  I better go and get ready.  I will have to talk to you later on.  I will most definitely be thinking about you today.  I hope that you have an awesome day in Heaven.  Yes it is nice to have a little angel around, but a real hug from you would be super awesome.  We all miss you a whole bunch bubby.

I love you like a fat kid loves cake, 



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2 responses to “Warm Night Air

  1. LeRoy Dean

    August 9, 2011 at 10:24 am

    Our prayers are with you.


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