Your First Day

10 Aug

Good morning Caleb, 

     It is hump day, in other words we are half way through the work week.  It is a milestone that us grown-ups use to lessen the sting of work.  It is almost as if it is a “Euphoric”  state of mind.  Anyhow, that is not the case for me though.  As I transition from one job to the next I am working the two jobs together to make sure that there is no lapse of income.  By the time it is all over with I will have worked 21 days straight with no day off.  It will not be a problem for me though.  

     Sissy starts school in a couple of days.  In fact today is her orientation for kindergarten.  My she is getting big so fast.  I remember when she was just a little thing, now look at her.  Before you know it she is going to be all grown up, and asking to use the car.  That is of course if we still have cars then.  I have to take off of work early today so that I can go and be there for her.  I would have done the same for you as well. 

      I can just picture you now.  It is your first day of school.  My how you have grown so big so fast.  What a fine young man you are turning out to be.  You are all dressed up in your little suit, you have your backpack on your shoulder and a big smile on your face.  You have been waiting for this moment for a long time and now you have finally arrived.  I kneel down beside you and look into your eyes.  “I want you to go in there and do the very best that you can do.”  “I am proud of you that you have made it this far.”  “I love you big boy, I will see you after school ok.”  What a beautiful thought that was.  It still does not answer the question that will always linger in my mind.  I will always wonder what could have been with you.  All the dreams that I had for you have been taken away from me.  All I can do now is watch sissy grow up and think of you being in her shoes.

     Mommy went to work early this morning so I have to take sissy to daycare.  As soon as I start the new job there will be no more day care.  That will save us a ton of money.  But in conjunction with that and the new job, I will be able to get mommy some insurance.  Which might I say will be awesome.  Well I need to go and get ready for work now.  I hope that you have an awesome day ion heaven today.  We all miss you a whole bunch bubby.

I love you like a fat kid loves cake, 


To my readers

     As always thank you for coming here to spend time with Caleb and I.  I pray that words contained in this passage have touched your heart.  I pray that each and every tear that you cry heals you from any pain that you may be feeling at this current point in your life.  Just know that all will be well within time.  I really enjoy having you here, because without you this blog would not be anything.  On behalf of Caleb and my family, I love each and every one of you.  Have an awesome day!

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2 responses to “Your First Day

  1. mom

    August 10, 2011 at 7:41 pm

    jeffrey i think about caleb each and every day since he has gone but he is still hear with though my heart tells that as i write this tears going down my face i love u very much son please do forget. i watch u as growed up and look what u have turned out to be im very proud og u love u always your mom.

    • Jeffrey Miskell

      August 11, 2011 at 6:23 am

      Thank you mom. Have you ever tried to sit down and write caleb a letter. It will make you cry, but at the same time it is very healing.


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