A Vision of You

22 Aug


Good morning Caleb, 

I have been waiting very patiently to sit here and write to you.  I have missed you since Thursday morning.  How in the heck are ya big boy?  Daddy, mommy, bubby and sissy are doing just fine.  We had a very eventful weekend.  It all started on Saturday when mommy and I went to participate in the Zoo-Fari at the local zoo.  I must say that was a really good time.  We started out the evening with some cocktails.  Next we received a zoo map and a clue book we were to use on our quest to figure out the various clues located around the zoo.  The more clues we figured out the better chance we had to win the grand prize.  We were only given a mere 90 minutes to do the whole thing, so needless to say we were practically running through the zoo.  Once we finished that up we turned in our clue books with the answers.  Then they served an awesome dinner after that.  It was so good I ate way to much and the dessert was to die for.  It was very nice because it was late in the evening the sun had fallen beyond the horizon.  The only illumination was provided by a dull street lamp and candles.  They drew the names for the prizes, mommy and I won a basket with some goodies, no it was not the grand prize but it was cool to win.  The evening was finished up with an auction.

Sunday morning we had a company trip to go on.  “I will bet that you will never guess where we went to…how did you know?”  “You are right, Holiday World!”  We arrived around 9:30 a.m.  We walked around for a  bit, then we were served lunch.  The majority of the day was spent in the water park as it was a little warm outside yesterday.  We did ride a roller coaster that shook us around really bad.  It ended up popping my back in several places.  It still hurts.  It was around 6 p.m. when we left the park.  We came home and got ready for bed.  That was pretty much the end of it.  The whole time we were at Holiday World we were thinking about all of the things that you would be doing.  There was a time when I remember feeling really sad.  Mommy and I were watching a performance by the park entertainment staff.  A lady started to sing a song, she came off of the stage into the audience and picked up a little boy who was about your size.  She started singing to him.  For some reason I pictured that little boy as you.  My eyes watered up.  Suddenly I had a really warm feeling come over me, thank you for showering me with your love.  When you do things like that I am very thankful to God for the wonderful gift he gave to me the day you were born.  I love you bubby and I miss you very much.  One day I will have my arms around you again, what a wonderful day that will be.  Especially when all of us are together again, in a much less painful place.  Have a good day in heaven son and we love you very much.  Oh!  grandma and grandpa said hi and they love you as well.

I love you like a fat kid loves cake,


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One response to “A Vision of You

  1. mom

    August 24, 2011 at 6:45 pm

    yes that right son one i will be with him and the im gone the only thing i left is meromiers but the lord is ready to take me just yet he no what kind of person i am and what kind of heart i have
    i love u very much


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