The Secret to Love (via Your Spiritual Truth)

20 Sep

Lauri Lumby, author of “Your Spiritual Truth”, confesses that love has it’s roots inside of us. I agree when she says that so many people are out in the world seeking a fairy tale love. Where the weather is always sunny outside, there is a nice house in the suburbs with a white picket fence blah, blah, blah.  When one does find that love has been with them all along, then they will truly be able to live.

The Secret to Love As we grow along the spiritual path, one of the most valuable pieces of insight is around the topic of love.  In today’s blog, learn that insight and begin to take steps toward making it part of your life. “The secret to a truly loving relationship is the knowledge that you are love itself.  This discovery will give you the ability to love in total freedom without fear of loss. There is no greater joy than this.” – Isha Lerner Secrets from Unexpe … Read More

via Your Spiritual Truth


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