I Learned Something New Today

14 Dec

     I learned a new term today.  I did a little bit of reading about this term and it just makes my blood curdle for some reason.  What word am I talking about you ask?


(in some Protestant religions) the status of a member who, because of some serious

infraction of church policy, has been denied the church’s

sacraments and any post of responsibility and is officially shunned by other members.

     Excuse my foul language, but what the hell is this?  It almost seems as if a person is trying to say, “I am more holy than you are.” “So by some ridiculous by-law you are no longer allowed in this church.”  “Oh, and by the way I will never speak, be near you or anything that involves social contact of any kind.”  “That is until you can prove yourself to be worthy of God’s love.”  Now if you believe in this practice I may offend you with what I about to say. “This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of!” in fact I am outraged because of it. 

     There is an extensive list of reasons why you can be “disfellowshipped,” you can find that information at this link  BALONEY!  There are a few of these reasons that really floor me.

Associating with disfellowshipped people

Blood and blood transfusions

Attending another church

Military service

Worldly celebrations such as Christmas

     This practice also has a profound effect on people I have come to find.  They feel as if they are an outcast to society.  They are told they are doomed to the gates of Hell if they do not conform to the practice.  They back all of this malarchy up with the Bible. 

     You know what I think?  These people need to realize that the only way into heaven is through the Lord Jesus Christ.  Remember, the one God sent to save us from our sins so that we may have everlasting life.  Where does that fit in this practice?  I know, I need to be perfect in God’s eyes and conform to some egocentric beliefs.  Then maybe I will be accepted into heaven.  Yeah right!

     I know there a lot of people who read this blog and some of you may practice this.  Why don’t you put the bullshit down and go find out what God is really all about.  Oh yeah, if you come knocking on my door it better be because you want to get down on your knees with me and accept the LORD JESUS CHRIST, as your savior.  I will be more than happy to talk to you then.  As always thanks for stopping by to read this today.  I hope that was inspirational to you.  Who knows, maybe you learned something.

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One response to “I Learned Something New Today

  1. aprilcoen

    December 15, 2011 at 1:12 am

    I would alo like to add, a person can only be disfellowshipped if they have been baptized. Baptism is a public declaration of a private commitment to God. No one can ever take away someone’s personal commitment to God. It is between us and God, not us, God and other imperfect humans. If they do it to protect the folk, their flock must be filled with weak-minded, faithless people lacking love, compassion and forgiveness.

    In the same token, I must be careful to not become one of those I disagree wholeheartedly with. I cannot judge them the way they judge others. I guess what is left is to pray?

    Thank you Jeffrey.


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