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Another Blessing from God


Let me introduce to you a new member of the family.  This here is mister Noah.  My family and I have been through a great struggle over the past several years, and here is the end result.  This is a good example of how the Lord gives and takes away.  Tune in for more later.

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Dear Lord……

I have taken a huge step out into faith.  I feel as if this is where you are leading me to.  Would you please see to that my family and I make it throughout this transition.  Please take way the anxiety that is involved in all of this, you can have it.  I do not want it any longer.  I know that you are going to see us through.  I just know that you are…

In the name of your son Jesus Christ I pray.  Amen

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Caleb Alexander Miskell   2008-2011

Welcome to my blog. On May 3, 2011 my little 2 1/2-year-old son Caleb was over in the neighbor’s yard playing. We were over there that day because I was fixing a bicycle tire for one of the children.  I had to step away for a few minutes to go and air up the tire at the gas station.  So I asked my neighbor if she would keep an eye on my children while I left.  Once I got the okay, I came home real quick to inform my significant other of the situation.  I then left for the gas station.  Little did I know that once I came back my family’s life was going to change forever.

Meanwhile, little Caleb ran out of water in the milk jug he was playing with and he knew just where to get some.  There was plenty of water in the swimming pool in their yard.  The neighbor who was supposed to be watching him stepped into her house for a minute and left the children unattended.  Caleb saw this as a great opportunity to get some more water.  So he crawled through the doggy door, (that led to the back porch, which in turn led to the swimming pool deck.) Once he made it to the pool he leaned over to get some more water for his milk jug.  He must have leaned over to far because he wound up with more water than he knew what to do with.

To make this long story short, I returned home from the gas station to find my little boy dead.  We tried everything we could to save him, but it did not work out to well.  He passed away later on that night.

This blog is dedicated to him.  I feel as if he never left my side.  It is my aim with this blog to share with you my journey through grief,  so that if you to have lost a loved one, this will be the place that you come to, to find solace.  I want to help you in any way that I can, because I now know how painful it is to lose something so very close to the heart.  I love each and every one of you and thank you for coming here to read about my beautiful angel Caleb.


To my readers

If you are looking for where the current post’s are located just click this link Letters to Caleb, it is also located on the sidebar to the left under site navigation.

©2011, A Father’s Love


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