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The Versatile Blogger Award

Today’s post is going to be one of a different nature.  So here goes…..

I am setting here at the house this morning just right after breakfast and I notice that I have a new email.  So like anybody else who is looking forward to the next comment to come in from a loyal blog reader, I open it up.  To my surprise it comes from mtsweat.  I find that he has nominated me for, The Most Versatile Blogger Award.  Are you curious as to what this is and how you receive it?  If you have been nominated by someone and you claim this award by displaying it on your blog, you must meet certain criteria.  Here is the list.

  1.  You must give credit to the person that has nominated you and create a link to their blog in your post, (as I have done in the above paragraph).
  2. You must create a list of 15 blogs that you enjoy most and link to those as well. Then you must go and tell them you have nominated them.  That means if you do not have 15, you cannot do this step.  If you do not complete this step, then you cannot claim this award.
  3. Finally, you must create a list of seven things about yourself.

Well there you have it.  That is all you need to do to claim this shiny award.

So it is time for you to get to work.  You can start by right clicking on this picture and save it so that you may upload it later and display it on your blog.  Now if you excuse me I myself have some work to do.

So let us begin with my list of 15 blogs that I really enjoy.

  1. It’s All Good – Stories about life.
  2. Memory Bears by Bonnie – “A Business of Love.”
  3. Resting in His Grace – Thoughts about God.
  4. Stunned by SIDS – In Memory of Lee “Harrison” Hanson.
  5. Two minutes of Grace – A place for support and encouragement.
  6. Wordsmith’s Desk – Original writings and poems about faith…hope…love…inspiration…and the human condition.
  7. Your Spiritual Truth – Where your truth will set you free.
  8. Revelling In the Overflowing Grace of God – Trying to get closer to God.
  9. Grace Partakers – Exploring the word of God.
  10. Jesus Carries Me – Christian blog covering mostly the character of Jesus and what we can learn from His perfect example.
  11. Thinking Out Loud – Jim Thornber’s blog.
  12. Grieving Dads Project – Committed to Helping Grieving Dads.
  13. Bereavement Education, Support & Resources – Help in finding your way through.
  14. Grief Healing – Information on Grief.
  15. Footprints on our Hearts – When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure.

Finally, my list of seven things about me.

  1. Lynyrd Skynyrd is my favorite musical group.
  2. I love to eat pizza.
  3. I hate mowing the grass.
  4. I enjoy watching the National Geographic channel.
  5. I enjoy playing the drums.
  6. I have two brothers and one sister.
  7. I am married to an awesome woman, with two children and one angel.

Well there you have it.  Thank you for taking the time to stop by here and read this.  If your blog is listed in the 15 above, I have subscribed to you and I will be keeping in touch.  I hope to build a wonderful relationship with you at the same time touching your heart with my blog…Jeffrey


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